An Islamic Perspective on Legislation for Women Part II
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An Islamic Perspective on Legislation for Women Part II

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This series, “An Islamic Perspective on the Legislation for Women”, is a call for both Muslims and non-Muslims to discover the priceless jewels of Islamic legislation towards
women. The series discusses a number of issues and clears up misconceptions that are of great benefit to the Muslim women life regarding rights and duties, engagement, marriage,
polygamy, divorce, veil, etc. It’s true that some of these subjects have been tackled before by many authors, but what makes this series special is that the author, as a woman, will be better understanding and experienced regarding women’s concerns and sensitive issues


Magda Amer was brought up in a religious family. She dedicated herself to acquire knowledge and excelled in the field of science, especially Medicine. She got her Ph.D. in Biochemical analysis from Ain Shams University.

She has been appointed as a lecturer of Immunology at Ain Shams University and became a consultant in Naturopathy.

Following her B.A. in Shari`ah, Islamic Law, Al-Azhar University she was able to utilize her scientific knowledge in the service of Da`wah.

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