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Jerusalem Liberated: The Legacy of Saladin

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The liberation of the holy city from the western invaders is a landmark in the history of resistance worldwide. This memory still lives in the minds of Muslims today. When Jerusalem fell in 1099, the invaders scoured the city, with swords in hands, slaughtering men, women, and children, plundering houses, and sacking mosques. Conversely, the main motivation of Saladin was to liberate the holy city from the yoke of the invaders – without a bloodbath, destruction, or hatred. His reward was to be able to bow down and pray where no Muslim would have been able to pray had it not been for him.

This book is a reflection on Saladin’s character and his strategic methods of battle; his astute planning and implementation destroyed the Crusaders and restored Jerusalem. It is also a reflection on what we need to do today to reclaim Jerusalem and Palestine from the Zionist state of Israel.


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