Muslim Children’s Books: Peace Be Upon You
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Muslim Children’s Books: Peace Be Upon You

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The Children’s Series by Scribe Digital is a series of books produced to impart an islamic ethos for Muslim children. The books have been written to educate as well as entertain young readers.

This book will teach the young reader the manner in which to offer Slaam with repetitive refernences made in the course of daily life.

Techniques such as rhyme with matching imagery in an islamic context is used to teach young readers daily actions and words performed by muslims.

From learning to say As-Salamu Alaykum to daily supplications children will be given the opportunity to learn in a fun and entertaining manner.

The language used in each book reflects the target audience.

Stage 1: 0 – 4 Years
Stage 2: 4 – 7 Years
Stage 3: 7 – 10 Years


Eesa. N.U. Hahn is from the UK and has a passion for children’s education in the west.

He interest lies in creating digital tools that can assist children in acquiring knowledge and key concepts from an early age

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