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Sharh Aqaid an-Nasafi

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In this commentary it is explained and described that PRAISE BE to Allah, who is unique in the majesty of His essence and the perfection of His attributes, and who is separated from blemishes and marks of defect through the qualities that belong to His great Power. Blessings on His Prophet Muhammad (S), who has been aided by His forceful arguments and clear proofs, and on his family and his Companions, guides and protectors of the path of Reality.

To continue: The basis of the science of laws and judgments and the foundation of the rules concerning the articles of Islamic Belief is the science of the unity of the Deity and His attributes, entitled al-Kalam, which is devoid of the darkness of doubts and the obscurities of fancies.

The author tries to explain the brief treatise so as to give the
details of its general principles and clarify the intricacies of
the subject,


Sa’ad al-Din Masud ibn Umar ibn Abd Allah al-Taftazani (Persian: سعدالدین مسعودبن عمربن عبداللّه هروی خراسانی تفتازانی‎) also known as Al-Taftazani and Taftazani (1322 – 1390 was a Muslim Persian polymath.He also wrote a commentary on the Qur’an in Persian called “Kashf-al-Asrar” and translated the Persian poetry and prose of Saadi into Turkic, as well as producing many other works.

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