We aim utilise modern means to revive sacred knowledge.

About Us

Islam Digital seeks to be the leading creator and provider of premium audio Islamic content, enriching the lives of Muslim listeners every day.

With our Islamic-centric approach to technological innovation and superior user-experience, Islam Digital is aiming to reinvent the literature market.

Our Ideals

Islam Digital’s Ideals celebrate who we are and what we want to become, and guide the way we work in order to enhance the lives of our audience. They reflect and apply to everyone who works here.


Islamic Heart

We will always strive to adhere to Islamic principles and values.


For Everybody

We will always ensure the majority of our content is free and available to all.


High Quality

We believe all work should be done with excellence without exceptions.

Our Team

Meet our family.


Abū Zayd

Founder and passionate about harnessing technology to enhance Islamic education.